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  • Image of HERO HOTEL Bundle

Written and illustrated by Yehudi Mercado
Colored by Alessandro Alessi Anghini (Sleigher: Heavy Metal Santa Claus)

6"x9" 110 Pages

With this bundle you get a signed book, an Original Sketch and a Hero Hotel Room Key!

Heroes. They check in. They don't help out.

After lifting boulders and buildings all day, they won’t even pick up their own bags… and no one’s got more baggage than supers.

Chet is the kind of kid who always gets in trouble. He helped an old lady cross the street and got arrested for jaywalking. He’s got the worst luck. Chet's mother sends him and his cat, Boomer, to live with Grandma Zee in her hotel on Hero Beach. And it turns out it’s a lush resort where every superhero, video game hero, action hero, and intergalactic hero goes on vacation. The only problem is that whenever a supervillain threatens to blow up the place, the heroes don’t help… it’s up to the plucky staff to save the day.

*Bonus stories by Dennis Culver (Edison Rex, E Is for Extinction), Scott McMahon (Sami the Samurai Squirrel, Aw Yeah Comics!), David Scheidt (Adventure Time, Aw Yeah Comics!), Tom Pinchuk (Max Steel), Alejandro Rosado (Kid Robot, Hasbro), Megan Levens (Madame Frankenstein, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer), Geoffrey Golden (The Devastator), Amanda Meadows (The Devastator), Lee Keeler (Green Gravel Comedy), Tone Rodriguez (Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror), Bryan Turner (Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man, DC Super Hero Girls), and Justin Peterson (Very Near Mint, MAD Magazine).